Electricity cost calculator

The electricity cost calculator calculates the usages and cost of electricity for a specific appliance. Also called an electricity bill calculator, electrify usage calculator, or energy calculator.


Rating (Watt)

Usage per week (hours)

Price(cents/kWh). Enter value or select country/state.

Electrical usageElectrical cost
Weekly41.69 kWhUSD 0.13
Monthly166.76 kWhUSD 0.50


The electricity cost calculator calculates calculates the usages and cost of electricity from the following parameters.

  • Appliance: Select the appliance. The rating field will be populated automatically with a typical value. You can also ignore this field and simply enter the rating into the rating field.
  • Rating (P): The rating in Watts will be populated automatically based on the selected appliance. You can also specify your own value. This is normally printed on the nameplate of the appliance, in either Watt (W) or kilo-Watt kW (kW).
  • Usage (T): The usage in hours per week will be populate automatically bases on the selected appliance. You can also specify your own value.
  • Price (cents/kWh): Enter the price manually, or select a country and state for typical prices. The following countries are listed: Australia, United States, South Africa.


The cost of electricity in cents per week is calculated as:

\(Cost = \dfrac{ P \cdot T \cdot Price} {1000} \).

Note that 1 kW = 1000 Watt.


  • The electricity cost calculator can be used to calculate how much electricity cost for different appliances.
  • Its can also be used as an electricity bill calculator by calculating all the appliances one-by-one and add the total manually. However, the main idea is to focus on high consumption items first.
  • This calculator is ideal to determine ways to save energy, reduce your electricity bill and to reduce your carbon footprint.
  • The electricity cost calculator is also referred to as a power consumption calculator, electricity bill calculator, electricity usage calculator.
  • Note that utilities typically also charge a flat connection or line fee, irrespective of the electricity usage.

Simple ways to reduce electricity costs:

  • Boil only as much water as you need in the kettle.
  • Change to LED lights.
  • Use the microwave instead of the oven or stove.
  • Hot water geyser, a.k.a. hot water  cylinder.
    • Reduce the temperature setting.
    • Switch it off before you shower. Switch it on 2 hours before you shower. 
    • Use the shower, instead of the bath.
  • Air conditioning:
    • Set in cooling mode (not auto) in the summer and increase the temperature set point a little.
    • Set on heating mode (not auto) in winter and reduce the temperature set point.
    • Close all windows and doors, and make sure all openings in the room are properly sealed.

More difficult ways to reduce electricity costs:

  • Install a solar hot water system.
  • Purchase more efficient appliances, for example washing machine, dryer, fridge, dishwasher.
  • Install ceiling insulation.