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Inductive reactance calculator with examples

The inductive reactance calculator calculates the reactance for a capacitor at a specified frequency.

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  • Frequency (Hz): Enter the frequency in hertz (HZ), kilohertz (kHz) or megahertz (Mhz).
  • Inductance (L): Enter the inductance in in henry (H), milihenry (mH), or mircrohenry (uH).
  • Reactance unit (Ω): Specify the required unit for the capacitve reactance result in kilo-ohm (kΩ), ohm (Ω) , mega-ohm (mΩ) or micro-ohm (uΩ).

What is inductive reactance?

Inductive reactance is the opposition to the flow of alternating current by the inductance of an electrical circuit. It is measured in Ohms, but it is not exactly the same as electrical resistance, which is also measured in Ohms. Inductive reactance affects both the amplitude and phase of an electrical current. Electrical resistance affects only the amplitude.

How to calculate inductive reactance?

The inductive reactance \(X_{L}\) is calculated as:

\(X_{L}=2 \pi \cdot f \cdot L \)


  • f is the frequency in hertz (Hz).
  • L is the inductance in henry (H).

Example 1

Calculate the inductive reactance of a 10 mH inductor at 50 Hz.

\(X_{L}=2 \pi \cdot 50 \cdot 0.010\)

\(X_{L}=3.14 \mskip3mu \Omega\)

Example 2

Calculate the inductive reactance of a 2 mH inductor at 100 kHz.

\(X_{L}=2 \pi \cdot 100000 \cdot 0.005 \)

\(X_{L}=1.26 \mskip3mu k\Omega\)