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Ohms law calculator with power (DC)

The ohms law calculator calculates voltage, current, resistance and power according to ohms law for DC.

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Ohms law calculator parameters

  • Voltage (V): DC voltage in Volts (V).
  • Current (I): DC current in ampere (A).
  • Resistance (R): Resistance in ohm (Ω)
  • Power (P): Power in Watts (W)

How to calculate voltage, current and resistance with ohms law?

Ohms law formula for current is

\(I=\displaystyle \frac{V}{R}\)

Ohms law formula for voltage is

\(V=\displaystyle I \cdot R\)

Ohms law formula for resistance is

\(R=\displaystyle \frac{V}{I}\)

Formula for DC power

\(P=\displaystyle V \cdot I\)